Hi, I’m Rolando Lavarro, Jersey City Councilman At-Large.

Parking is a daily challenge for Jersey City residents. I’ve heard the stories; I’m sure you have too. We’ve all done the mad dash to our cars after hearing the honk of a parking enforcement officer. We patiently spend time every day circling the block looking for a new space for parking.

According to Jersey City data, over 164,000 tickets were issued for street sweeping in 2017.

We can do something about this by reducing the number of times we sweep the streets. With new street cleaners cleaning the City’s streets, there is no need to sweep as often as we do it some residential areas.

#ProjectSTREET aims to change Jersey City’s street sweeping from four times a week to two times a week, among other reform to Jersey City’s parking violation laws. With that will come fewer tickets, cleaner streets, and, hopefully, less stress.

If you support “sweeping” reform to Jersey City’s parking rules, please consider signing my petition. Read about THE PLAN.