Street Sweeping Reform: Street sweeping four times a week on every street (twice a week on each side) is effective at generating revenue from tickets but is not the most efficient way to keep Jersey City’s street clean. This plan calls for a reduction in street sweeping in most residential areas from four times a week to two times a week. We made progress with bringing in new street sweepers, but there is still a long way to go.

Ticket amnesty program for Jersey City residents: This ordinance would allow residents the relief of old parking tickets that restrict their ability to drive or get a job. Through an application program, this initiative will allow residents total forgiveness for parking tickets issued before January 1, 2017. Additionally, if the applicant meets the required qualifications and deadlines, the ordinance will allow residents that have tickets issued AFTER January 1, 2017 the ability to pay fines without late fees. An amnesty program would allow the city to collect payment on fees that otherwise might remind uncollected, while providing relief to working families.

Reform the rules on booting vehicles: Anyone who has ever received a “boot” on their car knows the inconvenience that it creates. Residents have claimed that they have been “booted” after only one outstanding violation. While it is important for the City to have a means to enforce parking, it should be written in statute that after 5 outstanding tickets a resident runs the risk of getting “booted.”

Establish an online database for citywide street sweeping schedule: In this day and age, it is a no-brainer that we should have an online resource where residents can browse the schedule and reference an interactive map for street sweeping in their neighborhood. This ordinance codifies that much-needed resource.

After providing this much needed online resource, we hope to eventually establish GPS tracking for street sweepers so you can monitor from your home when the sweeper is on its way. This would cut down on wasted time and vehicle emission when cars are idling in anticipation.

Electronic reminders of tickets and fines by email: Tickets often go unpaid because tickets are lost, forgotten, or removed from the car before the owner recognizes it. This ordinance would create a field on the parking permit application form for a resident to register their email, which would trigger an automatic electronic reminder upon receipt of a ticket.

This will not eliminate the paper copies left on cars or sent by mail but will go a long way into bringing Jersey City parking enforcement into the twenty-first century.

Terminate the practice of suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid parking tickets: Currently, even if a single parking ticket goes unpaid, a resident can face license suspension. If a resident pays for their parking ticket after their license is suspended, they are forced to pay a $100 fee to the State to restore their license. The resulting suspension goes unnoticed by hundreds of residents every day, meaning these drivers face further ticketing or arrest for driving with a suspended license. Incentives for residents to pay their fines should not come in the form of a threat of suspension.

I am committed to ending the practice of the Driver’s License suspension for residents with unpaid parking tickets. This ordinance reforms the process by which we collect our fines by simply prohibiting the renewal of an annual parking permit for residents with outstanding fines.